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Lose your snore. Find your energy.


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Enjoy more energy and get tested and treated for snoring and sleep apnea in 3 simple steps:  

Step 1:

Find out if you need a home Sleep Test


Talk to a ResSleep Healthcare Professional or your GP to see if you should undergo a bulk billed home Sleep Test.  

Step 2:

Take a home Sleep Test


Call ResSleep to book a home Sleep Test. Prior to your test you will undergo a Sleep Assessment, in accordance with Sleep Physician’s criteria.  If you qualify for a sleep test you take home a small device (about the size of an iPhone) to record information about your sleep. It will measure factors like snoring, frequency of apneas, oxygen levels, sleep positions and more. An independent Sleep Physician analyses the results and provides a diagnosis.

Step 3: 

Choose your treatment


If your results are positive for sleep apnea or snoring, our trained Sleep Therapists can help with treatment options to suit your budget and lifestyle.  Most patients experience a significant improvement as soon as treatment begins.


The ResSleep Advantage...

  • Backed by 20 years of success treating snoring and sleep apnea.

  • Australia-wide clinics – there’s a ResSleep near you.

  • Expert analysis by independent Sleep Physicians.

  • CPAP treatment trials overseen by trained Sleep Therapists.

  • Oral appliances custom made and fitted by a ResSleep Dentist.

  • Unlimited ongoing support at no cost to you, throughout the full warranty period of your equipment purchase.

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