Improve Quality of Life with Sleep Apnea Home Treatment

A better slumber can transform your life. Don't wait - seek treatment for sleep disorders now at ResSleep! If you or your partner is experiencing snoring, low energy, gasping when you’re asleep, breathing problems while sleeping, or daytime sleepiness, then you or your partner may be suffering from sleep apnea and require treatment. This condition affects 1 in 5 adults in Australia for which we offer our sleep solutions. The test and sleep apnea home treatment offered at ResSleep are highly effective. At home diagnosis and treatment are now more efficient, cost-effective and easier for GPs and patients to access than ever before. Talk to a ResSleep healthcare professional or your GP today to see if you should undergo a bulk billed* sleep apnea test at home. ResSleep's sleep solutions could change your life and taking a simple test is the first step!

* assessment fees may apply in some clinics

Take a Sleep Apnea Test at Home and Get Treated Early

A home sleep test is the most easily accessible and cost effective service to diagnose patients with this condition. With such a high percentage of Australians remaining undiagnosed, it is important to recognise the symptoms and take this simple test to see if you're at risk. This will enable you to seek quality treatment for sleep disorders as early as possible.

Your GP can help recognise symptoms associated with the disorder and will recommend a home sleep test if needed. If you or your partner decide to undergo this test, call 1300 wake up (1300 925 387) and arrange a consultation with a trained Sleep Therapist at your local ResSleep clinic. The Sleep Therapist will provide a short and simple demonstration on how to administer your sleep apnea test at home and send you on your way. The diagnostic equipment with the test consists of a small device to record information about your sleeping habits. This will measure factors like snoring, frequency of apneas, oxygen levels, sleeping positions and more. When the test is completed, an independent Sleep Physician will analyse the results and provide a diagnosis and possible sleep solutions depending on your severity.

We Can Help You Choose the Best Sleep Apnea Treatment for You

At ResSleep we are here to provide ongoing sleep solutions, from your home sleep test through to sleep apnea treatment and beyond. If the sleep test results are positive, our trained Sleep Therapists can help you determine the best treatment option to suit your budget and lifestyle. ResSleep offers two main treatment options - continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP machines, considered the industry's gold standard in sleep apnea treatment; as well as mandibular advancement devices (MADs) for patients with mild to moderate OSA and/or chronic snoring. Either treatment for sleep disorders can be used in the comfort of your own home. As part of our commitment to our patients to provide the best sleep solutions, ResSleep supplies the world's leading brand in positive airway pressure therapies for effective sleep apnea treatment and snoring treatment. The best part of all? Most patients experience a significant improvement as soon as their treatment begins!

Lose your snore. Find your energy.

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  • “The knowledge, support and advice given by the Sleep Therapists are faultless.”

    Dr Amr Marzouk


  • “All my patients that I have referred to ResSleep have found it simple and convenient.  The whole experience from start to finish is easy and a convenient pathway in which each patient has an excellent experience. The reports are returned very quickly so that you can commence the best treatment options to ensure the best outcomes for patients.”

    Dr John Tsingos


  • “From my early twenties I was a heavy snorer and was always feeling tired. It got so bad that I was nodding off at the wheel of my car! I got tested and treated and within the first week I was feeling better. I now have more energy and most importantly I am no longer a danger to myself and others on the road!”

    Kimberly, 29


  • “After using CPAP for about a year now, I feel quite at home with it and in fact miss it when I don’t have it on. My energy levels have risen and the daytime sleepiness is a lot better. Most importantly my wife does not complain of my snoring!!!”

    Prashant, 55


  • “I was diagnosed with sleep apnea late 2012 after having struggled with fatigue, anxiety and loss of cognitive agility in recent years. My GP referred me to the team at ResSleep for testing and, ultimately, treatment of this insidious condition. Linda and the ResSleep team have been wonderful in supporting me through this period and my transition back into good health and clarity of mind.”

    Malcolm, 46


  • “CPAP treatment has been life changing for me in so many ways. When I was suffering with untreated sleep apnea I would easily fall asleep at traffic lights and feel weary all day.  There was no doubt about it; I endangered my life and the lives of other road users. These days I feel more energised throughout the day and I am able to drive for hours without feeling the slightest bit tired. Put simply, my life has changed for the better.”

    Scotty, 47


  • “I was a very heavy snorer and had tried a variety of remedies but nothing worked. Thanks to being treated by ResSleep, my snoring is now virtually eliminated. I wake up feeling brighter, well rested and refreshed.”

    Andrew, 35



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