5 Easy Steps to Getting Tested for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Follow these 5 easy steps to get tested for snoring and sleep apnea. Once you have done this we can determine the most appropriate treatment solution.

Book an appointment

Call ResSleep on 1300 WAKE UP (1300 925 387). We will book you in for an appointment with a Doctor or a Therapist at your nearest ResSleep Clinic. If you have a regular Doctor you would prefer to see, we can provide you with a referral form for your Doctor to complete.

Request a referral from your GP

Visit your regular Doctor and request that this referral form be completed, clearly indicating any symptoms or medical conditions.

Attend your appointment

Go to your ResSleep clinic for scheduled sleep test appointment. Present the referral form to your ResSleep Therapist.

Take your sleep test home

Take sleep testing device home with you (which is the size of a mobile phone). Set it up as shown by your ResSleep Therapist before you go to sleep. We will also include some instructions to take home and follow.

Return your sleep test

Return the device back to your ResSleep Clinic the following morning. Data will be downloaded from your device and your results will be prepared by a local Sleep Physician and sent to your Doctor within 2 weeks.

*Please note: The referral form was specifically designed by Sleep Physicians so that patients can be qualified to undertake a home sleep test per Medicare requirements.


Is snoring or drowsiness causing problems in your life?

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