15 May 2018

5 Snoring Solutions and Remedies

Sleep is such a wonderful time because it’s your chance to curl up after a busy day and relax in peace and quiet. That is, until you break the serenity with your snoring and wake the whole house up!

Not only can snoring cause symptoms such as daytime tiredness and poor concentration, it can also have a flow-on effect for everyone around who have to try and sleep through the noise.

Here are 5 tips to help you fight snoring so everyone can breathe easier during the night.

LessMedicationSnoring solution 1: Check your medication with your GP

Snoring can be caused when there is a restriction of air through your throat as you sleep which causes the tissue around the blockage to vibrate. This can be attributed to many reasons, one of which is the relaxing of the soft palate and muscles around your neck. Certain medications like antihistamines, sedatives, sleeping pills and drugs may cause muscles to relax, in turn, relaxes the throat and causes a blockage. If you are on medications, such as the ones above, please check with your GP to see if they could be affecting your breathing at night.

Snoring solution 2: Weight lossWeightLoss

If you have excessive body weight, especially around the neck area, it can restrict the airway passages, causing you to snore more frequently. Working on a weight-loss plan with your GP or shedding some kilos with more exercise can make a significant difference in releasing pressure on the throat.


StopSmokingSnoring solution 3: Quit smoking

There is a list of reasons why kicking the smoking habit is a good idea, and snoring can now be added to it, too. Smoking can irritate the lining of the throat, and this inflammation can cause an obstruction which leads to snoring. Additionally, smoking also reduces the amount of oxygen available as you breathe, causing your body to inhale harder, which amplifies the vibrations further.


What else can you do to stop snoring?

We have set out 5 remedies and solutions to snoring in this article, but there are actually many changes you can make to stop or alleviate snoring. Knowledge is power! To find out more, you can read our extended article on how to stop snoring → 


SleepPositionSnoring solution 4: Sleeping position

How you sleep can have an impact on your nightly ritual! You’re more likely to snore when you rest on your back because when you lie horizontally, the gravitational forces act upon your airways and may cause them to collapse, blocking the airflow. Sleeping on your side is a far more effective way of keeping your throat open, so you can try special memory foam pillows which guide your head and body toward that position, or even place a tennis ball behind your back, so that if you roll onto it, you will instinctively correct yourself during the night.

SleepSpecialistSnoring solution 5: Ask your GP if you should have a Sleep Study

If you’ve tried the above remedies and haven’t found any relief from your snoring, it may be time to see a Medical Professional to assess your situation more carefully and find a far more effective treatment.

Your GP may suggest that you have a Sleep Study to find out what is causing your snoring. 

Snoring can be an indicator of a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. ResSleep offers Sleep Studies that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Still not sure what to do? Take our Free Online Sleep Assessment

If you are experiencing problems sleeping due to snoring and you are searching for a cure, you can complete our free sleep assessment to better understand how to correct your restful state, wake up fresh and improve your overall health.

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