21 Mar 2019

6 tips to help you fall asleep quickly

Sleep is such an important part of our daily routine for healthy living.

However, with modern pressures, busy work schedules and insurmountable to-do lists, we’re either reducing the amount of sleeping hours, or we’re finding it difficult to wind down.

Poor sleep can have many negative consequences on your health.

So, whether you struggle to fall asleep when you’re lying in bed, or you want to nod off faster, here are the 6 tips to help you get to sleep quickly each night.

  1. Silence is golden

    An obvious tip, but a good one none-the-less. It’s much easier falling asleep when your room is nice and quiet. Nothing keeps you awake like the sound of a television, loud music or a party down the street.

    Try getting some peace by closing the window, asking your housemates and neighbours to keep it down or even wearing earplugs.

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  2. Lights out

    Keeping your room nice and dark will also help you fall asleep much faster. It’s especially helpful to dim the lights before you’re even under the covers, as it allows your brain to identify that it’s night and prepare to slow down your bodily functions.

    The darkness will prevent any distractions and create a peaceful environment. Consider closing your door, shutting the blinds and even wearing an eye mask if you feel you need to.

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  3. Improving your sleep hygiene

    Sleep hygiene refers to practicing the right habits that are conducive to sleeping well, such as ensuring that you are leaving yourself enough hours to rest, not eating large meals before bed and avoiding heightened levels of stress.

    These good habits create the optimal conditions for you to get more shut-eye quicker.

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  1. Avoid coffee a few hours before bed

    Coffee contains the stimulant, caffeine, which is a drug which speeds up the signals travelling between your brain and body. Because of this, it prevents you from relaxing and will keep you awake longer.

    Avoid coffee and other drinks that also contain caffeine, such as tea and cola soft drinks, before bed so that you’re not kept awake by its stimulating effects.

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  2. Turn off the tech

    We love our phones, our tablets and TV, which means it’s tempting to be glued to our screens in bed. However, this can certainly stop us from falling asleep quickly because our minds are being entertained, our concentration is being focused, and the light emitted can trigger our brains to remain awake for longer.

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  3. Cooling your room

    Your room’s temperature can have a direct impact on your ability to get to sleep. Having a hot, stuffy room can make it very difficult to nod off in bed, especially as your body needs to drop a few degrees while asleep.

    Consider making your room a little cooler with air conditioning, a fan or opening a window to let in some night air.

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These 6 tips will help ensure that you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to fall into a quality sleep much faster each and every time.

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