18 Jun 2013

ResSleep launches a GP Education Program on Sleep Apnoea

ResSleep has recently launched a new interactive GP Education Program on sleep apnea, specifically aimed at GPs and non-sleep trained physicians.

“With one in five adults affected by sleep apnea, we have made it a fundamental goal of ResSleep to share with and update healthcare professionals on the latest research and treatment options available, to promote better sleep for all of Australia” says ResSleep CEO, Paul Farrell.

As an added bonus, GPs who successfully complete this course earn 40 (Category 1) CPD points in the RACGP QI&CPD program. The program, offered in 4 states, consists of both online activity and practical workshops and presentations by independent Sleep Physicians.

With increased numbers of sleep apnea sufferers, largely due to higher levels of obesity in developed nations, greater attention has been placed on sleep medicine research.  As a result of these new findings and incredible technological advancements, the treatment of both snoring and sleep apnea has improved demonstrably. 

Farrell goes on to comment “There is a huge difference between when most GP’s first studied sleep medicine at university and the treatment options available now.  As with mobile phones, we have come a long way and GPs now are very pleasantly surprised at how treatment methods have vastly improved.  The feedback we have had is very encouraging with GPs achieving great outcomes for their patients.”

Doctors who are interested in participating should contact ResSleep or register here.