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Sleep Apnea Clinics in Australia

Do you or your partner snore?

Do you suffer from fatigue and lack energy to get through the day?

Do you gasp or have trouble breathing while asleep?


All of these symptoms could point to sleep apnea, a common condition in Australia. Fortunately, we offer effective treatment in our sleep clinics, located in Perth.


At our sleep apnea clinics we design personalised treatments for every individual. Our goal is to restore quality to your sleep so you feel well-rested, healthy, and energised to meet each day.


To make our services as convenient as possible, ResSleep offers at-home diagnostic testing. One of our Sleep Therapists will meet with you to explain and demonstrate how to self-administer your home sleep test. A small device will record information about your sleep habits, and an independent Sleep Physician will analyse the results. In the diagnosis we will look at the severity of your sleep issues, the cause of your sleep apnea, and we will refer you to one of our sleep clinics for the most suitable therapy.


A wide range of solutions for snoring and sleep apnea are available. The two primary treatments are continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices and oral appliances. If we recommend CPAP, you will receive excellent care in our CPAP clinics, where we will fit you with your device and help you adapt to its use. No matter what type of treatment you need, our qualified and experienced Sleep Therapists will familiarise you with the technology and system you need for better sleep.


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