ResSleep Dee Why

ResSleep Dee Why is located near Dee Why Grand Shopping Mall, where the clinic is opposite Fisher Road and directly across from Godfreys. At ResSleep Dee Why clinic, we provide a Medicare rebated home sleep test, consultation with onsite dentist at ResSleep North Ryde, Bondi Junction or Sydney CBD clinics for oral appliance options, treatment trials of CPAP product, sale of all equipment & spare parts, choice of masks including mask fitting, and ongoing clinical support at no extra cost within the warranty period of your CPAP machine.                


850 Pittwater Road
Dee Why NSW 2099


1300wakeup (1300 925 387)


1300 360 239

Clinic Hours

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm   

Monday 13/03/17 9am - 2pm
Tuesday 14/03/17 9am - 2pm
Wednesday 15/03/17 CLOSED
Thursday 16/03/16 CLOSED
Friday 17/03/17 CLOSED
Monday 20/03/17 9am - 2pm
Tuesday 21/03/17 9am - 2pm
Wednesday 22/03/17 10am - 4pm
Thursday 23/03/17 CLOSED
Friday 24/03/17 CLOSED
Thursday 06/04/17 CLOSED


Parking available at Dee Why Grand Shopping Centre. Alternatively, street parking is available in close proximity to the clinic.

Getting There via Public Transport

Bus 155 is available to Dee Why or Warringah Mall - Pittwater Road.    


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