Why franchise?

Franchising gives you the financial control of owning your own business but at the same time having the support of a network of businesses all striving for the same level of professionalism. Franchising is working as a team to ensure a consistent level of service is delivered, which in return credits the brand.

Franchising provides you with knowledge and resources that will help you gain a competitive edge.

It will enable small business operators to access corporate marketing and operational tools to grow their business and the industry at an accelerated rate (not otherwise accessible to small business owners).

A franchise network provides small business operators tailored operating systems, training and advice to maximise potential to suceed in the sleep industry.

How do I get started?

Step one will be to complete the online ResSleep Franchise Enquiry Form. You will then be contacted by ResSleep management, to further discuss the opportunity.

The ResSleep Enquiry Form can be found on the Franchise Opportunities page

Do you need to have medical qualifications to own a ResSleep franchise?

No you will not need any formal medical qualifications, you just need to have a positive attitude and the willingness to learn and undertake the rigorous training which ResSleep provides.

What are the costs involved with owning my own ResSleep franchise?

Setup costs for a ResSleep Clinic generally falls between $285k and $385k dependant upon location and size. For more information complete the online ResSleep Franchise Enquiry Form and a ResSleep executive will contact you.

What systems does ResSleep provide to its franchisees?

ResSleep provides the very latest industry customised systems to their franchisees which have been tailored to suit the sleep industry. These systems include point of sale, inventory, reporting, uniforms, fit-out blue prints, corporate marketing, local marketing and continual guidance/experience and support.

Does the franchisee have a say in what stock they sell?

Franchisees are provided with a comprehensive product range to treat all aspects of Sleep Apnea which will ensure patient compliance and comfort is met.

How are franchisees selected?

ResSleep are looking for franchisees that have a mix of experience, integrity, ability to work as part of a team, appetite for hard work and results orientation to high levels of customer service.

What training will I receive?

Comprehensive training will be provided in all areas including product, systems and Sleep Apnea.


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