Expert Sleep Apnoea diagnostic and treatment services for your patients

If you're a GP referring patients for sleep testing and treatment, ResSleep provides premium snoring and sleep apnoea service Australia wide, from home sleep tests to treatment selection, through to ongoing patient compliance.

At ResSleep, we offer:

  • A Medicare bulk billed home diagnostic service upon referral from a GP or Specialist*
  • No more than two weeks waiting period for a home sleep test
  • A home sleep test scored by qualified Sleep Technologists and reported on by an independent Sleep Physician
  • Home sleep test results are delivered to the referring doctor within approximately 10 business days
  • If tested positive for snoring or sleep apnoea, treatment options include a CPAP treatment trial at home or a consultation with a ResSleep Dentist to explore the appropriateness of a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)**
  • For a CPAP treatment trial at home, patients undergo their refundable treatment trial on the AirSense 10, the latest device from ResMed, and are encouraged to trial a range of masks to achieve optimum comfort, as this is key in maintaining compliance. Overall progress is reviewed weekly and overseen by our Sleep Therapists***
  • All after purchase care and support is provided to patients at no added cost for the warranty period of their device
*Sleep assessment fee may apply in some clinics
**Dentist services are only available at selected clinics

***Cost of treatment trial refundable upon purchase of AirSense 10 CPAP equipment

The Steps to Testing and Treatment

Step 1

Referral to ResSleep for a bulk billed home sleep test

Step 2

Waiting time for a home based sleep test is a maximum of two weeks

Step 3

Your patient will visit a clinic to pick up the sleep test kit and reciev a short and simple demonstration on how to wear the diagnostic equipment overnight

Step 4

Sleep tests are analysed by a qualified Sleep Technologist and reported upon by a local and independant Sleep Physician

Step 5

Results are sent to the referring doctor within two weeks

Step 6

If test results are positive for snoring and sleep apnea, your patient can commence a CPAP treatment trial or visit a ResSleep dentist for a consultation about an oral device

Step 7

Ongoing long term support is provided to your patient after CPAP is purchased at no additional cost for the warranty period of their CPAP device

Earn 40 CPD Points with ResSleep's GP Education Program

As a benefit to referring GPs, we are offering a 40 CPD point GP Education Program ‘Recognising and Managing Sleep Apnoea in Primary Care’. Consisting of both an online and practical component, delivered by an independent Sleep Physician, this course equips participants to confidently profile and refer patients to be diagnosed and treated for Sleep Apnoea. Please navigate to GP Education Program for more information or to register.


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