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A home sleep test is a very accessible and cost effective way of diagnosing sleep problems, such as snoring or sleep apnea.  It is important to recognise the symptoms and take this simple test to see if you're at risk. This will enable you to seek quality treatment for sleep disorders as early and as quickly as possible.

Home sleep testing by ResSleep is carried out using the latest technologies from the world's leading sleep companies.

Your GP can help recognise symptoms associated with the disorder and will recommend a home sleep test if needed. 

If you or your partner decide to undergo this test, call 1300 wake up (1300 925 387) and arrange a consultation with a trained Sleep Therapist at your local ResSleep clinic. Our Sleep Therapist will provide a short and simple demonstration on how to administer your sleep test at home and send you on your way.

The diagnostic equipment with the test consists of a small device to record information about your sleeping habits. This will measure factors like snoring, frequency of apneas, oxygen levels, sleeping positions and more. When the test is completed, an independent Sleep Physician will analyse the results and provide a diagnosis and possible sleep solutions depending on your severity.

Speak to your GP or contact us for more information.


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