AirFit™ N30i Nasal Cradle Mask

Freedom to sleep in any position

AirFit N30i features a top-of-the-head tube design and nasal cradle cushion that sits comfortably under the nose, so you can sleep in any position, including your side or stomach.

  • No front-end tube means the mask stays out of sight and out of the way, so you can sleep closer to your bed partner
  • QuietAirTM diffused venting designed to minimise noise and disruption
  • Curved cradle cushion is designed to provide a comfortable, stable seal that is less obtrusive
  • Self-adjusting SpringFit frame is quick to fit and stays comfortably in place all night*
  • Clear field of vision for bedtime reading or watching TV

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* ResMed external 7 days clinical study of existing 24 ResMed and non-ResMed patients, conducted between 21/02/2018 - 12/03/2018. Data on file; ID A4320645.


A more natural mask experience



Freedom to move

The AirFit N30i was created for active sleepers. The AirFit N30i is designed to let you sleep in many different positions without compromising seal or comfort. The carefully engineered SpringFit frame, septum bridge and top-of-the-head design keep pace with every twist and turn. If you get up during the night, the quick-release elbow helps to keep life simple.

The AirFit N30i now includes ResMed’s innovative QuietAir™ venting technology, designed to gently disperse exhaled air for a less disruptive and quieter night’s sleep. AirFit N30i has four interchangeable cushion sizes - small, medium, small wide and wide. The cushions have been designed to be interchangeable with AirFit P30i cushions making it convenient for you to switch in between if needed.


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