GP and Sleep Physician FAQs about ResSleep's Sleep Apnoea treatments

How long will it take to get my patient a treatment trial?

Once the patient has been recommended a treatment trial you or they can contact ResSleep directly and be on treatment within days.

Can I get a report sent to me during or after a patient treatment trial?

Absolutely, simply request on the referral slip or phone ResSleep directly.

Does ResSleep report back to me on any patient's suspected of Complex Sleep Apnoea or presenting with Central Apnoea during treatment trial?

Most definitely, our ResSleep Therapists are fully trained to recognise signs of Complex Sleep Apnoea and will report this directly back to the Sleep Physician.

Does ResSleep conduct patient treatment trials on more complex equipment such as VPAP and VPAP Adapts?

Yes, we specialise in the more complex patient cases so please refer us any difficult patients requiring treatment trials on complex equipment.

Does ResSleep conduct treatment reviews for patients currently on treatment?

Certainly, we are experts in conducting treatment reviews on all ResMed devices and if requested will conduct a review (with or without oximetry) and send a comprehensive report back to the referring doctor or clinician. In some cases Sleep Physicians report on these findings using a Medicare item number. For enquiries regarding this, please contact ResSleep directly.

Does ResSleep charge patients for consultations?

esSleep offers a premium patient service and values its experienced, highly trained Therapists. For patients who have purchased CPAP, APAP or VPAP devices ResSleep offers unlimited FREE consultations to be undertaken within the warranty period.This premium service is designed to support patients new to treatment and maintain excellent levels of compliance. For patients who have not purchased their device from a ResSleep clinic, a $99 charge will apply for hourly consultations and $59 will apply for 30 minute consultations. ResSleep consultants have a reputation for being the best supporting clinicians in the industry with outstanding compliance results.

Is ResSleep interested in forming close alliances with Sleep Physicians?

ResSleep is always looking to forge close relationships with Sleep Physicians so we can provide the best possible patient support in the area you work. Please contact us to find out how ResSleep and you can work more closely together.

Do you have a question you would like answered?

To speak with a ResSleep patient advocate call 1300WAKE UP (1300 925 387)


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